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15 September 2014

Spain: New abortion law set to be ‘abandoned’

The Spanish government is poised to drop its plans to drastically limit access to abortion in the country, according to the newspaper El Mundo.


7 October 2014

Regulating abortion in Britain - time to move on from the criminal law?

BPAS will be hosting a meeting at the Houses of Parliament on 16 October, to discuss the possibilities for decriminalising abortion and regulating it like other healthcare procedures.

8 September 2014

Q&A – Extremely premature babies

Improvements in the survival of babies born at over 24 weeks' gestation is a cause for celebration. But what is the prognosis for babies born at lower gestations? And what do the issues involved in the care of extremely preterm infants have to do with 'time limit' for abortion?

31 August 2014

US: Judge rules part of Texas law unconstitutional

Judge Yeakel's decision struck down provisions that required surgical facilities for any type of abortion, including medical abortion.

30 August 2014

UK: Many women sent home ‘too early’ after birth, say midwives

A survey by the Royal College of Midwives suggests that up to 40% of women may be being discharged from hospital before they are ready after having a baby.

26 August 2014

Ireland: Anger over the denial of abortion to a suicidal young woman

In a letter to the Irish Times, over 100 academics have criticised the principle and consequences of the law, stating that: 'Women in and from Ireland are entitled to autonomy, to bodily integrity, to be free from unjustified detention, to be free from inhuman and degrading treatment.'

26 August 2014

Northern Ireland: Consultation document to be published

Justice minister David Ford has confirmed that a consultation document on abortion in Northern Ireland will be published within the next fortnight, focusing on specific issues including fatal fetal abnormalities, rape and incest, the Irish News reports.

25 August 2014

UK: Dawkins in abortion controversy

Richard Dawkins, the atheist writer, caused outrage on Twitter by claiming it is 'immoral' not to abort fetuses with Down's syndrome.

12 August 2014

Ireland: Abortion guidance seen by media

New guidelines mean that pregnant women in Ireland could be blocked from having an abortion even if they are at risk of suicide after conceiving as a result of rape or incest, the Guardian reports.

11 August 2014

USA: Anti-abortion campaigners’ aggression reveals their weakness

Trying to block women’s access to abortion is a last-resort option for a stuck movement, writes Jessica Valenti in the Guardian.

11 August 2014

France: Gender equality law passed

The law will now allow first-trimester abortions without requiring women to prove a justification for needing the procedure.

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