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Monthly archive: April 2012
  23 April 2012

Why ‘choice’ matters

In the latest issue of Conscience magazine, Ann Furedi challenges the argument that 'choice' does not do justice to women's abortion decisions. Read on...

  21 April 2012

Nepal: Health care workers’ perceptions of the effects of abortion legalisation

From BMC Public Health. Read on...

  18 April 2012

USA: Fighting ‘personhood’ initiatives in the United States

From Reproductive Biomedicine Online. Read on...

  17 April 2012

UK: The effect on use of making emergency contraception available free of charge

The authors concluded that neither availability from the pharmacy nor removal of a charge for EC has increased its use among women having an abortion in Scotland. From Contraception. Read on...

  17 April 2012

Switzerland: The deregulation of emergency contraception

This study asked whether, six years after deregulation of emergency contraception in Switzerland, free access has induced changes in the profile of clients attending an emergency pharmacy in Zürich. From The European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive Health Care. Read on...

  17 April 2012

UK: Morning-after pill ‘courier’ scheme launched

A new service provided by the internet medical practice will allow women to order emergency contraception on the internet, so it arrives within two hours, rather than having to see their GP to obtain the drugs. Read on...

  16 April 2012

Spain: University students’ attitudes towards Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy

An evaluation of the future professional trends was performed by analysing the attitudes of university students to the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy (VIP). From Legal Medicine (Tokyo). Read on...

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