2 May 2012

Statistics briefing (7): Further resources

Useful bpas publications relating to abortion statistics and practice.

An archive of news and commentary, organised by date and by theme, can be freely accessed from the Abortion Review website

Briefings, press releases and other information is available from the bpas Knowledge Centre.

Back issues of Abortion Review can be downloaded here.

A series of special editions of Abortion Review, produced from the landmark bpas conference of 2008, examines key questions of ethics, clinics and care. These can be downloaded for free from the Abortion Review website:

Abortion, Ethics, Conscience and Choice – Abortion Review Special Edition 1

    • The problem with pain: what the fetus feels. Stuart Derbyshire • The value of life: when does it begin, when does it matter? John Harris • Presenting the case for conscience. Jon O’Brien • Presenting the case for choice. Kirsten Moore • How late is too late for providers? Lisa H. Harris • Who is ethical, who is moral? Ann Furedi

Abortion and Women’s Lives – Abortion Review Special Edition 2

    • Are there too many abortions? Ann Furedi • Is repeat abortion a problem? Sam Rowlands • How late is too late for women? Ellie Lee • Why contraception fails. James Trussell • The morning after – what use is emergency contraception? Kate Guthrie • How important is choice and care? Chris Plummer • What is different about young people? Lisa Hallgarten

Abortion and Clinical Practice – Abortion Review Special Edition 3

    • Issues in Early Medical Abortion. Mitchell D. Creinin • Issues in second trimester surgical abortion. Eleanor Drey • Abortion research developments. Daniel Grossman • Implementing evidence-based advances in abortion care. Mary Fjerstad • The role of nurses. Kathy French • Who can provide abortion care? The role of the mid-level providers. Marge Berer


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